Taking Time for Yourself

Imagine yourself flopping down on a big, comfortable bed, just letting go, and sleeping. How long has it been since you could do that?

As a caregiver, you supervise and provide every aspect of your loved one’s care, and yet, who is doing that for you? Although all of your work is done with love and care, it can be physically and emotionally exhausting, making you vulnerable to illness.

Nancy’s House is dedicated to helping you remain well. We will pay for the coverage at home so that you can come and get two nights of undisturbed sleep, have good food served to you, and have the opportunity to meet and talk with other caregivers going through experiences similar to yours. Just as important, you can learn what to do at home to continue taking care of yourself. Remember, you taking care of yourself is essential to your being there for your loved one.

Shawn Talbott, author of The Cortisol Connection, says, “…as little as a night or two of good, sound, restful sleep may do more for controlling your cortisol levels and reducing your long-term risk for many chronic diseases than a whole lifetime of stress-management classes.” (Cortisol is the hormone your body produces when you are under stress.)