Comfort and Rejuvenation

Once you have been a guest at Nancy’s House, you don’t have to go-it alone anymore.

One of the hardest parts of being a caregiver is the isolation— doing it all by yourself. Even well-meaning friends don’t always understand. Sometimes just talking with someone who has walked the same path, who knows the complicated emotions from the inside, can be so helpful.

At Nancy’s House you will find both structured support groups and time for relaxed informal conversations with other caregivers. In addition, there are professionals on staff to talk with when you want a little more guidance or help than another caregiver can offer.

Our guests stay in touch by email and Facebook long after the retreat has ended. They continue to provide support and guidance for each other through the difficult journey of caregiving.

At Nancy’s House, we help build your community of support. You don’t have to “go-it alone” anymore.