“I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to have this new support in my life. I no longer feel alone. I’ve used the… techniques on two continents now and can attest to their efficacy.”


“I attended a Nancy’s House retreat and it changed me forever. Maybe not that first day, or that first week, but I took home little seeds of change and they grew until I couldn’t ignore them. Spending time with Elissa and other guests/caregivers, I met the first people who KNEW EXACTLY how alone, exhausted, guilty, and anxious I felt. It was so powerful and moving to me that I came away from the retreat feeling like they had given me permission to take care of myself, an act that I had felt paled in comparison to my daughter’s medical needs and wasn’t on my list of priorities. That permission started what I can only describe as a daily internal conversation in a voice I didn’t even know I had. A voice that made me finally realize that I was my daughter’s most important piece of medical equipment. By taking care of my needs too, I am a better person to everyone around me, not just my daughter. I have learned and grown so much in the time since that first Nancy’s House retreat and am blessed to have found a real sense of peace despite the chaos and mess that caregiving can be sometimes.”


“The techniques ‘that you orchestrated’ at Nancy’s House live on in my daily practices and spirit. The meditation is invaluable as are the yoga moves on any given day. [My husband] gave me the silent treatment for a few days upon return but he has come around quite nicely and is behaving differently to me that I believe is attributed to my change in attitude. Some days are better than others but I am much more peaceful… Maria wrote me that we were no longer “invisible” as we had witnessed each other.”


“I cannot believe it only took from March till now to get my plate so clear. You are a miracle worker Elissa; an example of the butterfly effect. You moved your wing and the breeze it created came through and blew out the cobwebs in my world from the last year. THANK YOU AGAIN and keep doing what you do.”

Debbie P.

“What Elissa [Nancy’s House] does for people like me may add years back on to our lives. Thank you for making this possible.”

Jennifer T.

“Nancy’s House has helped me in innumerable ways – to cope with
the devastating losses that MS can cause to marriage, family and home, to
reconnect with the deep love I have for my spouse by allowing me to clear
the path of my own anger and grief. I love sharing deeply and intimately
with other women who have lived my story in their own lives. Our
resilience, strength and humor is wonderful. I no longer feel alone and
shell-shocked. My daily life, the daily struggles with incontinence,
chaos, physical and cognitive challenges, constant change and loss – it’s
all much more in perspective. Nancy’s House gave me permission to feel
what I feel and allow myself to rest for the first time in many years.”


“MS continues to chip away at my husband’s body… Having the support and understanding has helped me deal with the additional complication of dealing with 82-year old parents who are becoming increasingly dependent on me… As always, I would be delighted to attend another session with you and fellow women caregivers. We all have so much to learn from one another.”


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