Frequently Asked Questions

Does the person (or people) I care for have to have a specific illness?

No. Nancy’s House provides services to all caregivers regardless of how long they have been caring for someone else, regardless of the illness and/or disability the person is living with, and regardless of the intensity of caregiving duties.

How much does a retreat cost?

The cost of participation in one of our transformative retreats is $600. This includes a 3 day/2 night stay in resort-type accommodations, so you can have two undisturbed nights of sleep. Retreats include a private room with a private bath, all meals and snacks, classes, materials, and services. Individual counseling and a one-hour massage are also available to all guests and are included in the price. A licensed therapist and other Nancy’s House staff are available throughout the entire retreat.

What if I cannot afford the retreat fee?

Reach out to Elissa Lewin ( as a sliding scale fee is available for caregivers on a limited basis.

Are retreats only for women?

No. Anyone is welcome to participate in our retreats.

How often does Nancy’s House have retreats??

Retreats are grant and donation funded so we have to rely on that funding to host retreats. Please stay tuned to our calendar and/or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates via email.

Where is the Nancy’s House house?

We are a program and not a place. We host retreats and events at luxurious locations along the East Coast for now.

How do I get involved with Nancy’s House?

Contact Kimberly Terry ( as she is responsible for volunteer functions.

Support Nancy’s House

Nancy’s House can only run retreats when funds allow.

Please consider signing up for a recurring, monthly donation to help us provide care for caregivers on a regular basis.

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