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Nancy’s House is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization serving family caregivers.

Our mission is to provide community, self-care tools, and support for family caregivers.

Our vision is to create a community of caring and well-being for all family caregivers.

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Nancy’s House gives caregivers the tools and strategies they need to stay stronger and healthier while caring for their ill loved ones. Through our programs, community-building, and advocacy, Nancy’s House breaks the isolation and exhaustion of caregiving.

Nancy’s House creates the opportunity for caregivers to step out of their stressful lives, connect with others walking the same path, and experience what it feels like to let go. We empower caregivers to pay attention to their own needs and learn skills to stay calmer and healthier back in their home lives.

Whether in a three-day or one day retreat, or speaking with a community group, Nancy’s House creates the opportunity for experiential, long-lasting learning. We don’t just give advice, telling caregivers what to do – we work together, helping guests to experience true connection, relaxation, and renewal.

Who is Nancy?

When Elissa, the founder, became a caregiver, she sought the help of a massage therapist, Nancy Brown. Nancy had a son with autism, and it was a conversation with her back in 2001 about “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place for us to go to be taken care of the way we take care of these other people?” that planted the seed for this program. The name is a thank-you.

Who is Elissa?

Elissa Lewin is the Founder of Nancy’s House. The concept for Nancy’s House emerged from her own experience as a caregiver, a chance conversation with a massage therapist, and her background as a licensed psychologist.

Trained in an inter-systems approach to clinical work, Elissa looks at what is going on within the individual, within the family, and within the larger societal context when planning a Nancy’s House respite retreat.


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