Our Founder

Elissa Lewin's personal experience and career as a licensed psychologist make her sensitive to caregiver burnout and the needs of caregivers

Elissa Lewin is the Founder and President of Nancy’s House. The concept for Nancy’s House emerged from her own experience as a caregiver, a chance conversation with a massage therapist, and her background as a licensed psychologist.

Trained in an inter-systems approach to clinical work, Elissa looks at what is going on within the individual, within the family, and within the larger societal context when planning a Nancy’s House respite retreat.

Elissa has maintained a private practice for over 20 years. During that time, she also worked for 10 years as an adjunct therapist for the Council for Relationships, where she received her post-graduate training in couples and family therapy.

Prior to starting her own practice, Elissa worked in human services, serving people with developmental disabilities. Throughout her work experience, the needs of caregivers, and the emotional, physical, and interpersonal effects of burnout, have been a recurrent theme. Nancy’s House is Elissa’s answer to meeting these converging needs.